A lesson learned during the Olympics

After a year of waiting, we finally have the privilege of watching our nation’s finest athletes competing as one team America. The Olympics have long been an occasion for inspiration and a cause for national pride and unity. For as different as the last two years have been, these Olympics are refreshingly similar.

There is something deeply gratifying about watching Americans from every corner of the nation, and every walk of life, working side by side in pursuit of one goal: Gold.

But as we sit down together to cheer on our national athletes, we should recognize that there is much we can learn from our Olympians. Namely, greatness does not come easily, it is not some gift to be taken for granted. It only comes through hard work and perseverance.

To be great, you must constantly ask yourself one question: “How can I be better?”

That is a question which we, as Americans, should constantly ask ourselves. How can we as a nation be better? What is the next challenge we can rise to meet? How do we better fulfill the promise of America?

Some people are afraid of such questions. They would rather live in the comfort of the past, and they attack anyone who suggests that improvement is even possible.

The Renew America Movement refuses to  settle for stagnation. Like the athletes who train tirelessly, looking to shave that tenth of a second, perfect that flip, or gain that competitive edge in pursuit of gold, Renewers do not just seek out opportunities to improve, we seize them.

And like America’s Olympic team we work together, each in our own roles, to push the country forward. Because no matter our individual politics, we are one team: America. And we will give it all we’ve got to push our country closer towards the greatness of its promise.

This is our calling.

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