A rare event in DC

This week we’re watching a rather rare event in DC: bipartisan legislation.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress have hammered out a tentative deal on an infrastructure plan aimed at rebuilding America’s roads, bridges, and more. The bill’s future isn’t certain, and some have fairly expressed concerns about paying for the package. Regardless, the progress is proof that compromise and cooperation between both parties is still possible.

The key to compromise is rooted in shared goals. Both sides agree that American infrastructure needs investment. That shared purpose brought serious and honest brokers to the table, rather than inflaming the partisan grandstanding which has ground Congress to a standstill in recent years.

The question is, how do we build a Congress where compromise isn’t just possible, but common?

The answer lies in electing Senators and Representatives who share our principles and our ambitions for the country. That’s what the Renew America Movement is all about.

We’re committed to finding new statesmen and stateswomen who will unite Americans behind a common purpose, and reach across political divides to find real solutions for the country. That new generation of leadership can’t come from a single party, it has to emanate from across the political spectrum. 

The spirit of cooperation begins with our cross-partisan coalition, and we have to lead the way for a brighter, less divided future. Together we can build a better Congress, and in turn, a stronger country.

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