Let’s kick the radicals out!

When a Congressman tells you they’re going to abuse their power, believe them the first time. When that Congressman is the leader of his party, it’s time to take serious action. That’s what Kevin McCarthy did last week.

Scared about what an investigation might reveal about his and his colleagues’ involvement in January 6th, he promised if he ever got back control of the House, he’d corruptly use his power to punish companies that helped expose the truth.

As Americans, we have to ask ourselves, “does a party that openly threatens corruption, spreads conspiracy and welcomes extremists deserve to ever hold power again?”

Congressman Adam Kinzinger doesn’t think so. “I think if we’re going to be in charge and pushing conspiracy and pushing division and pushing lies, then the Republican Party should not have the majority.”

We couldn’t agree more. We must kick the radicals out of power wherever we find them. Donate now! >>>

It takes guts to stand against your own party when they are wrong, and it takes support. That is our duty as Renewers: to stand up to the petty tyrants and purveyors of conspiracy, and behind the unifiers and truth tellers.

Every day is a fight for the future of our democracy. Every day is a chance to prove that America is not defined by its extremes. Every day is a chance to renew America.

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