RAM’s first Watchlist includes unifying, principled Democrats running for public office around the country

February 15, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC (Feb 15): The Renew America Movement (RAM), a nationwide, cross-partisan effort to restore a common-sense coalition to American politics, has released its first Watchlist, championing principled Democrats running for public office across the country who are committed, above party or ideology, to the greater good of our nation. A second Watchlist featuring Republican candidates will be released soon.

“The candidates on our Watchlist represent a new hope for American politics,” says RAM’s National Political Director Joel Searby. “Principled political candidates are the building blocks of our national renewal.”

The Watchlist includesNathan Click (D-North Carolina House 6), Dave Harden (D-Maryland House 1), Josh Remillard (D-North Carolina House 13), Ben Samuels (D-Missouri House 2), and Patrick Schmidt (D-Kansas House 2)

The Watchlist candidates endorse RAM’s Principles for American Renewal and have demonstrated a willingness to stand up and do the hard work of uniting our nation at this critical time. At the ballot box, voters can feel confident that they will prioritize these principles if elected.

“At a time like this, when political extremists, conspiracy theorists, and others who seek to dismantle democracy are running in record numbers, candidates who embrace our founding ideals—truth, equality, and civic responsibility—need our support,” says Miles Taylor, co-founder and executive director of RAM. “We’re pleased to support these candidates as they work to unify voters around the values we share, rather than around lies and rhetoric that divides us.”

The Renew America Movement was established in 2021, following the release of “A Call for American Renewal,” a declaration of principles signed by more than 150 prominent figures, including former governors, senators, congressmen, cabinet officials, and thought leaders. Visit for more information.

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