Take a stand

Is there room in the Republican Party for principled leaders who put the interests of the country above the dictatorial fantasies of the last president? Every day, GOP officials and state political leaders prove anew that the answer is “no.”

Most recently, the Alaska state Republican Party withdrew their endorsement of sitting US Senator Lisa Murkowski. What did she do to earn her party’s rejection? She voted to defend our democracy from insurgents and hold Trump accountable for his role in promoting it. Senator Murkowski joins a growing list of principled Republicans who are being pushed out by the extremists within the GOP.

That’s why, if we want to fix the Republican Party, we have to start by winning primary elections. With just $5, $10 or $50, you can be part of the first wave of support to protect the honorable leaders fighting back against the extremes.

Extremists, conspiracists, and authoritarians understand that winning primary elections is their key to gaining even more power, and they aren’t holding anything back. That’s precisely why they’re pouring their resources into ever more radical candidates to unseat the few remaining Republicans who won’t bow down to Donald Trump and won’t embrace insurrection. 

If we are to change the course of the Republican Party, and with it our nation, we must match their resolve, and take a stand for the few principled Republicans left. The Renew America Movement is built to do exactly that: to rally the common-sense coalition in defense of truth and democracy. 

The primary elections shaping up today will decide the next wave of candidates vying for power in Congress and in statehouses. Help us defend and promote the proven leaders who have stood up to extremism.

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