A home for the ‘Sensible Center’

By Mike Ongstad, Communications Director

In an era when breathless, apocalyptic predictions about all manner of threats, both real and imagined, litter traditional and social media, legitimate warnings can get lost in the morass—or dismissed as just more sensationalism. That’s the problem we face now. There have always been radicals on the fringes of our national politics, but now, they’re on the cusp of taking over. RAM has identified hundreds of radicals running for federal, state, and local offices across the country this year. They are building an anti-democracy coalition that can steer America toward autocracy and ultimately overturn elections.

If we don’t take the threat seriously, this Conspiracy Caucus could become a deciding factor in American politics. That’s why RAM is fighting back, by mobilizing the “Sensible Center”—a cross-partisan coalition to defend democracy and support principled leaders from all sides. This is the only way to create our own powerful caucus in Congress, one that isn’t beholden to demagogues or demands of partisan allegiance. Just a handful of principled leaders can force Congress—and our politics as a whole—back from the extremist brink.

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