Renew America Watchlist

Nominate a Renewer

Are you a candidate who thinks you’ve got what it takes to be a Renewer? Or do you know a local candidate who deserves our attention? We’re looking for any and all potential renewers to join our Watchlist. Candidates and campaigns interested in being considered should email to apply. If you think your local, state or federal candidate could be a Renewer, send them this link and urge them to apply.

Purpose & Criteria

The Renew America Watchlist exists to help the organization and grassroots supporters be aware of candidates running for office who are striving to be Renewers in the ways we define them but whose races have yet to rise to full “Renewer” status. Renewers not only get formal recognition from the organization but promotion among our networks as well as many other forms of engagement throughout the election cycle. 

Those on the watchlist may or may not ultimately become Renewers, at the discretion of the political affairs committee and RAM leadership.

Candidates must meet all of the following criteria to be considered for the Renew America Watchlist. Candidates and/or their campaigns must submit and/or demonstrate these. 

  • Be an officially filed candidate with all necessary entities (local, state, federal)
    • Must be submitted by campaign to RAM
  • Demonstrate a professional, organized campaign
    • Provide a list of paid or volunteer campaign staff
    • Provide a brief “path to victory” statement
    • Exhibit proficient use of social media and a growing following
  • Raise a respectable amount of initial money
    • Min. $50,000 for federal or statewide race
    • Min. 10% of total raised and spent by winning candidate in previous race if non-federal or non-statewide

Meeting all these criteria does not necessarily guarantee a candidate’s spot on the RAM Watchlist. Other factors, such as research, alignment and location, may also play a factor. If selected, campaigns will be notified and the candidate will receive public recognition via RAM social media and/or email platforms. Other possible collaborations with Watchlist candidates could include, but are not guaranteed:

  • Participation in a RAMChat (twice monthly digital video podcast)
  • Fundraising collaboration within legal limits
  • Grassroots connection to RAM supporters
  • Earned media opportunities


Candidates who wish to be considered for the Watchlist should email to request an application. If you know of a candidate whom you believe should be on our watchlist, email their campaign with this link urging them to apply.