We are majority makers, the millions of men and women who are tired of radicalism in our politics and ready for reform. At RAM, we are deepening America’s “pro-democracy bench” in three ways:

People. We are standing alongside principled Democrats, Republicans, and Independents who have the courage to stand up against political extremists across the country. 

Policy. We are advancing policies needed for a healthy democracy, such as the protection of voting rights. 

Process. We are investing in reforms to the democratic process itself to increase competition and choice in American elections. 

By working together across party lines, we can shift the balance of power in Washington, DC away from those who want to dismantle democracy’s guardrails and back to real leaders who will put country over party.

We are not just Democrats or Republicans or Independents. We are Renewers. 

And we welcome you to join the fight.


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