The January 6 hearings ARE Bipartisan: But the GOP kept it from being more so

The upcoming January 6th Committee Hearings are a critical step in fortifying American democracy. If executed well and honestly, they can show the American people just how dangerous that day was, and re-instill a sense of urgency for holding those responsible to account, strengthen the election certification process and peaceful transition of power and prevent any future attempts to subvert our democracy. 

Already, Republicans are lining up against the hearings, claiming that they are just partisan stunts or show trials. But the hearings should not be partisan and could have been even more bipartisan than they are (and yes, they are already bipartisan). In the past, when there was an attack on our country, Congress came together in a bicameral and bipartisan way. The Jan. 6 Committee could have been truly bipartisan. But GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell killed bipartisan proposals. 

Americans should not forget the following facts: The Select Committee was created because GOP Officials refused to do anything following January 6, 2021. McCarthy was given a chance to nominate participants, but insisted on election-denying conspiracy theorists and even members potentially involved in the plan to overturn the election. Only 2 of McCarthy’s choices were rejected (Banks and Jordan) but McCarthy pulled all of his nominees rather than cooperate.There are two prominent Republicans currently serving on the committee, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) – Republicans who were even leaders of the party until McCarthy and the far right excommunicated them.

Despite multiple new, damning revelations about then-President Trump’s behavior on January 6th, polls show that the percent of Americans who believe he bears main responsibility is slipping. January 6th defenders have been hitting the airwaves every day, for more than a year, building a false narrative and alternative fact pattern.Daily repetition of conspiracy theories about that day, and baseless attacks on the Committee itself have taken a toll. We’ve seen the coordinated campaign to cover up the events of that day. Now we need to see the results of a coordinated search for truth.

This is finally the opportunity for the January 6th Committee to fight back with facts and evidence. But this opportunity comes with a great challenge: to break through the noise and reach people who don’t tune in to 24/7 news channels. That’s what the Committee must do with these prime time hearings.

We, as concerned Americans, must help the truths that are about to be revealed reach far and wide. This is an opportunity to get the full truth about the attack of January 6th, and to lay the foundation for preventing the next assault on democracy. Tomorrow night, the Jan 6th Committee will play their role in the future of American history. Let’s make sure we do our part too, by defending their work from partisan attacks.