Renew America Movement (RAM) Adds Independent Clint Smith to list of “Renewers”

Clint Smith joins list with 18 other Republican, Democratic, and Independent candidates committed to democracy

The Renew America Movement today announced it is adding Independent congressional candidate Clint Smith to its list of pro-democracy “Renewers” running in the coming elections. Clint Smith (I-AZ 5) is challenging election denier and January 6th insurrection supporter Andy Biggs. Smith is running to build a cross-partisan coalition in defense of democracy and opposition to Biggs’ brand of extremism.

RAM’s “Renewers” list highlights principled, pro-democracy candidates from across the political spectrum. Renewers have shown their commitment to unifying leadership, bipartisan governing, and – above all – honoring the results of free and fair elections. This cross-partisan list represents RAM’s commitment to coalitional campaigning, a new approach to American politics that puts the good of the country above partisan self interest.

In Arizona alone, 3 Renewers are up for election or reelection this year: Senator Mark Kelly, Congressman Tom O’Halleran, and now Clint Smith.

“In many ways Arizona is ground zero for the kind of radicalism that is infecting our politics, especially in the GOP,” said RAM Political Director Joel Searby. “But with the addition of Clint Smith to the Renewers list, Arizona could also be home to America’s political renewal. Clint faces a difficult general election challenge, but his principled and unifying approach to politics is certain to appeal to all those Arizonans who are tired of Andy Biggs’ anti-democracy extremism.” 

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The Renew America Movement was established in 2021, following the release of “A Call for American Renewal,” a declaration of principles signed by more than 150 prominent figures, including former governors, senators, congressmen, cabinet officials, and thought leaders. Visit for more information.