Renew America Movement (RAM) Launches “REPUBLICANS FOR CARTWRIGHT” and “REPUBLICANS FOR WILD” in Pennsylvania

Republicans for Cartwright and Wild will organize and mobilize PA Republicans to cross partisan lines in 2022


April 06, 2022

Pennsylvania: The Renew America Movement (RAM), a nationwide, cross-partisan effort to restore a common-sense coalition to American politics, has launched two new initiatives to mobilize current and former Republicans behind two principled Congressional Democrats, Matt Cartwright (PA-08) and Susan Wild (PA-07).

The initiatives kick off today with the launch of two websites ( and, a fundraising apparatus, and candidate events planned for the future. Republicans for Cartwright and Republicans for Wild will galvanize support among disaffected and principled Republicans in the state. The Representatives’ respective records of bipartisan leadership for Pennsylvania have earned the respect of many outside of their party, and given voters who don’t support the dangerous direction of the GOP an honorable alternative.

“Representatives Cartwright and Wild have proven that they aren’t afraid to push back against the radicals on the left and the right,” said Craig Snyder, RAM Pennsylvania state lead and former Chief of Staff to Senator Arlen Specter. “More than that, they have repeatedly put Pennsylvania ahead of petty politics, working across the aisle to serve the state. It’s time for us to cross political lines for them.”

“People are fed up with political parties that put their own interests ahead of the country’s. Voters are waking up, especially in the GOP, and realizing that a leader’s worth isn’t defined by the letter next to their name on the ballot,” said RAM Executive Director Miles Taylor. Representatives Cartwright and Wild have certainly earned the respect and support of all independent-minded Republicans in Pennsylvania.”

With the launch of Republicans for Cartwright and Republicans for Wild, Renew America Movement is now operating 5 cross-partisan initiatives across 3 states, with similar organizing efforts expected to launch in more states in the coming weeks.

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The Renew America Movement was established in 2021, following the release of “A Call for American Renewal,” a declaration of principles signed by more than 150 prominent figures, including former governors, senators, congressmen, cabinet officials, and thought leaders. Visit for more information.

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