The Way Forward

We said from the start that we would defeat extremism, either by reforming our politics or charting a new path forward. The further we’ve gotten into election season, and the more we’ve seen revealed by the January 6th hearings, the less reform seems likely, and the more we’re looking for something completely and entirely new.

It’s understandable. The fate of our democracy is being dismissed as a partisan issue, and culprits in the scheme to overturn elections aren’t just staying in office, they are expanding their numbers. We are watching live, oath-sworn testimony about the threads by which our right to self government hangs, and the hatchetmen working to sever them.

But our democracy did endure, thanks to principled Americans who refused to give up those rights on which our nation was founded. The defenders of democracy come from across the political spectrum – and you’re a vital part of that coalition. Your commitment to fixing our politics and safeguarding our democracy is essential to finding that better way forward for us all.

That work carries on. It must carry on. In America, the people are the authors of our future, and we must write the next chapter of the last, best hope for mankind on Earth. That is our mission.

The American story is in our hands, and what we write cannot be a rehash of the same institutions which lead us to this moment. Let’s make a bold stroke, and chart a novel path towards the more perfect union we are called to become.